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Employers Play Key Role in Career Readiness, Competency Development

Employers play an important role in ensuring that college students are career ready and in developing the competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for this transition.

“It’s a role that requires employer engagement with both students and college leadership,” explains Glen Fowler, a past president of NACE and, until his recent retirement, the recruiting and training manager for the California State Auditor’s office.

“The engagement with students comes through internships that build and enhance the students’ competencies. As for colleges, employers need to communicate to their college partners the essential career readiness competencies they expect from their new hires.”

A particularly effective way for employers to partner with college leadership is to serve on their advisory committees.

“It’s a wonderful way for employers to engage with their college partners and contribute firsthand to the implementation of the career readiness competencies,” Fowler says.

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