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What This Handshake Executive Says Is Essential For Building Your Own Career

When Handshake executive Christine Cruzvergara was graduating college, she knew she was interested in education—and perhaps working in a student affairs office at a university. At the time, she never knew this passion for students and education would lead her to become the VP of Higher Education and Student Success at Handshake, a popular digital career services platform used by thousands of college students around the country. I recently caught up with Christine to hear her best advice for young professionals looking to craft their own career journeys.

Andy Molinsky: If you had to identify one or two key things that ultimately influenced your career path, what would they be?

Christine Cruzvergara: I was fortunate to have mentors in my life that saw potential in me and encouraged me to consider stepping into roles that felt like a stretch. Their questions, their advice, and their understanding of who I was and what I could do helped to not only open doors, but to give me the nudge needed to walk through them.

Molinsky: What misconceptions do you think college students have about entering the professional world?

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